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Cuban Pianists: The History Of Latin Jazz - Various Artists [2 DVD]

Cuban Pianists: The History Of Latin Jazz - Various Artists [2 DVD]
DVD1: The Documentary
  • This is a comprehensive and detailed history of Latin jazz, from its earliest Cuban roots to the rise to stardom of figures like Chucho Valdés and Gonzalo Rubalcaba. Both of these piano giants are insightfully interviewed and express their thoughts about the music they play. The documentary presents the most outstanding musicians of the genre one at a time, from the best known celebrities to those undeservedly obscure pianists who helped lay down the foundation that Chucho and his followers developed and evolved. Some of the more accomplished new talents – those of whom, Chucho predicts, we will be speaking about in the coming years – are also presented here.
DVD2: A Night In Havana
  • This disc presents an all star concert in La Havana that covers the complete spectrum of Cuban music, from the early compositions of Ernesto Lecuona to the mastery of Gonzalo Rubalcaba. Among the many highlights shown are Chucho Valdés backing the inimitable Diego “El Cigala”, and playing an amazing piano duet with the revered American pianist Herbie Hancock. More than 70 minutes of music!

  • Chucho Valdes
  • Gonzalo Rubalcaba
  • Ulises Hernandez
  • Jorge Luis Prats
  • Frank Emilio Flynn
  • Jose Maria Vitier
  • Emiliano Salvador
  • Ernan Lopez-Nussa
  • Aldo Lopez-Gavilan
   special guests:
  • Diego "El Cigala"
  • Herbie Hancock
  • Omara Portuondo

  • Runnig time - 118 minut
  • Sound - stereo
  • Picture format - 4/3
  • Languages - hiszpański (audio), angielski, francuski (subtitles)
  • Running time - 78 minut
  • Sound - stereo
  • Picture format - 4/3

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