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Maciej Garbowski - ELEMENTS

Maciej Garbowski - ELEMENTS

  Elements-elements, fragments, parts? Personalities, characters, creatures ... ". Music IMP in the "Elements" is one suite, a collection of musical metaphors, which appear in some vague moments of arbitrary fragments of various kompozycji- Maciej Garbowski and Peter Damasiewicz that on a daily basis exist independently of each other "Elements" - is a combination of a single coherent different expressive matter particles, which are integrated into larger musical collages. The result is the fruit of the work of each of the musicians in equal measure, with fluctuations of musical tension between them without specific recurring patterns. Polyrhythm, polimetrie, polytonality, inversions.

  1. Tellus  [5:58]
  2. Oceanus  [2:43]
  3. Ventus  [10:38]
  4. Ignis  [7:07]
  5. Sonus  [7:41]
  6. Vitae  [7:55]
  • Maciej Garbowski - bass
  • Piotr Damasiewicz - trumpet
  • Jon Fält - drums
IMP Foundation 2014

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Tags: Maciej Garbowski, Piotr Damasiewicz, Elements, polish jazz