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Drogi Krajowe - Drogi krajowe w Polsce [CD]

Drogi Krajowe - Drogi krajowe w Polsce [CD]

Drogi Krajowe (which means National Roads) is a quintet mainly associated with Poznan's experimental scene. The band is a meeting of five musicians moving in seemingly distant sound spaces. Its strength is its instrumentarium and diversity of experience.
The cover design of the album "Drogi Krajowe w Polsce" (National Roads in Poland) was made entirely by hand, using the collage technique. All illustrations, backgrounds and fragments of paper come from book waste; from guides, textbooks and encyclopedias published before 1989 and found as a result of coincidence. All inscriptions were typed using an Olympia Regina De Luxe typewriter, and the idea for a CD print in the form of a tachograph disc came in a dream.
The musicians say they have played more concerts than they do rehearsals, but for them each meeting is a new adventure. In between Drogi Krajowe performances, they play in a variety of bands and musical projects, which allows them to continually grow and be inspired. (Editor's info)

Michał Giżycki - bass clarinet, tenor saxophone
Dawid Dąbrowski - modular synthesizer
Maciej Karminski - drums, wheelbarrow
Ostap Manko - violin, electronics
Hubert Karminski - bass guitar, synthesizer

1. DK84
2. DK35
3. DK15
4. DK22
5. DK10
6. DK11
7. DK21
8. DK37

Multikulti Project 2023

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